Trading Partner Management

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  • Manage your many-to-many connections.

    Healthcare reform legislation has compelled payer organization to intensify the search for effective solutions to reduce administrative costs and streamline operations. One area of high cost and complexity involves the routing of electronic transactions to and from the payer. Most health plans today operate multiple connections to providers, EDI vendors and other trading partners that, in turn, route claims and other transactions. Managing the multitude of connections, ensuring regulatory compliance of the transactions and keeping connections up to date is not only costly and time-consuming, but also a diversion of payers’ IT resources from strategic priorities.

    TriZetto Trading Partner Solution.

    TriZetto offers an EDI management and provider Trading Partner Solution for healthcare payers. This cloud-based service enables real-time collaboration with healthcare providers, streamlines administration for both health plans and providers, supports new models of care delivery and addresses regulatory requirements for electronic transactions. TriZetto’s extensive connectivity and cloud-enabled technology platform solution provides the following benefits:

    • Drives administrative efficiency: Create economies of scale by leveraging the core competency of a dedicated trading partner management organization.
    • Addresses compliance: Establish consistency and reduce implementation costs as well as ongoing regulatory-compliance costs.
    • Improves efficiency: Focus resources on strategic priorities, operations and technology advancement.

    The TriZetto Trading Partner Solution enables real-time collaboration with payers and providers, supports regulatory requirements for electronic transactions, supports new models of care, and streamlines administrative costs throughout the payer-provider ecosystem.